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How we solved the electrical component malfunction problem.



One of electrical wire manufacturers received a complaint from their customer due to a non-functioning electrical component. Unfortunately, the component could not be analyzed without completely destroying it, and this was not permitted. SGP Quality Lab was therefore called in for assistance.

Our contribution

We proposed a non-destructive examination with a radiographic device. For a thorough analysis of the reported problem, we took a series of single images at different angles of inclination. The x-ray revealed that a section of the electrical wire was damaged, causing the wires to short out. We were also able to accurately determine the location of the short circuit and the extent of the damage.

Serviced used


Thanks to non-destructive testing of components proposed by SGP Quality Lab we were able to eliminate non-compliant parts from the process and avoid their further assembly. Thanks to that we did not incur any additional costs connected with unconscious production of non-conforming parts and further, as a consequence, complaints from the customer. I highly recommend cooperation with the company. For me the most important thing was that the people with whom I solved the problem were professionals and were willing to share their knowledge.


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