Quality Control


We specialize in providing quality control, sorting, repair services for parts and components and finished products. We conduct professional quality testing, which allows us to flawlessly detect possible irregularities.

Our quality control includes, among others:

  • detail selection;
  • repairing components;
  • packing and repacking of goods;
  • production support;
  • logistical support for handling projects;
  • assembly and sub-assembly activities;

SGP Quality Lab’s comprehensive services and wide range of products make it possible for our customers to cooperate with one reliable supplier, which guarantees flexibility and high level of services.

Any contractor struggling with the lack of space in the plant can use SGP Quality Lab as an external location to carry out the inspection. Professionally prepared test benches, experienced operating and supervisory personnel, available warehouse space and full logistic support for deliveries and shipments available at SGP Quality Lab relieve the customer from the costs associated with the development of their own space and personnel that would have to be delegated to carry out additional tasks.

In case of incompatible deliveries, SGP Quality Lab supports the customer by becoming a buffer warehouse, where the supplier delivers the components, which are then inspected and stored before they are used in the production process at the customer’s place. At the same time SGP takes over all the formalities related to the handling of the order for the supplier.

The tube curvature assembled in the detail

A customer was notoriously struggling with tube curvature in a manufactured part. He was unable to locate the direct cause of the bend, so he decided to perform a serial inspection on all parts. During the inspection it became apparent that some instances

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Bartłomiej Szybecki
Key Account Manager

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Used equipment

Visual comparator

Keyence's IM-7020 digital measuring projector reduces the time of serial measurement using a digital microscope.

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