Reverse engineering



A customer turned to us to reconstruct a coolant reserve tank that was damaged due to design defects, and its replacement parts are unavailable on the open market.

Our contribution

First, we performed an accurate 3D scan of the damaged tank. Based on the 3D scan we made a model of the needed part. At the request of the customer we also improved the design. After approving the changes by the client, the 3D print of the tank was made of plastic possessing similar properties to the original and we handed over the ready prototype for testing. After the approval of the trial container, the customer also decided to 3D print spare parts for other machines used in his plant.

Serviced used


The completed element after modifications turned out to be better than the original. It fitted perfectly into the existing cooling system, thanks to which it works flawlessly. Additionally, the whole operation from the moment of receiving the order to the moment of delivering the printout took only two days, which is shorter than finding and ordering a replacement from the market.


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