The tube curvature assembled in the detail



A customer was notoriously struggling with tube curvature in a manufactured part. He was unable to locate the direct cause of the bend, so he decided to perform a serial inspection on all parts. During the inspection it became apparent that some instances of tube curvature could not be properly assessed by visual inspection.

SGP QUality Lab

Our contribution

After verifying the existing problem, we proposed to create a gauge to control the deflection of the detail. Taking into account the drawing and 3D model of the detail, we made a prototype model of the test gauge. The proposed solution was to verify the deviation from tolerance. After verifying the control batch and confirming compliance with the requirements of the drawing, the gauge was introduced to the serial inspection of details.


Supplementing the process with a gauge has eliminated the risk of incorrectly classifying the curvature of the workpiece during visual inspection. The gauge does not leave the inspector any margin for error whether the piece is consistent or not. Short time of printing the gauge enables quick verification of the effectiveness of the introduced method.’ – Customer


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