Case study

sgp quality lab_projektor pomiarowy

Usage of visual comparator for customer’s problem solving

A new customer observed a dimensional inconsistency of the rivets used in the production process. Wanting to quickly inspect and separate incompatible elements, he reported to SGP Quality Lab. The best solution to this problem was digital analysis.

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SGP Quality Lab_projektor optyczny

3D Scanner Application

The commissioning of a new injection mould at one of our customers necessitated the need to confirm the conformity of the parts produced using it.

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Rentgen XCUBe

How we solved the electrical component malfunction problem.

One of electrical wire manufacturers received a complaint from their customer due to a non-functioning electrical component.

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system RTG X|CUBE

The problem of leaks in assembled hydraulic units

A customer approached SGP Quality Lab with a leakage problem in assembled hydraulic components. After analyzing his own manufacturing process, he could not find any cause lying on his side, so he asked us to help him solve the problem.

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Reverse engineering

A customer turned to us to reconstruct a coolant reserve tank that was damaged due to design defects, and its replacement parts are unavailable on the open market.

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Computer tomography (CT)

Jeden z naszych stałych Klientów zauważył wyciek cieczy z przewodów aluminiowych.

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The tube curvature assembled in the detail

A customer was notoriously struggling with tube curvature in a manufactured part. He was unable to locate the direct cause of the bend, so he decided to perform a serial inspection on all parts. During the inspection it became apparent that some instances

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