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SGP Quality Lab is a modern quality and engineering center that belongs to the SGP Group Outsourcing Company.

In the quality center we inspect the details according to the rules strictly established with the customer. The details are visual inspections, performed with the use of control and measuring tools. All works are conditioned by the actual needs of the customer. Of an added value is the fact that each of these operations is handled comprehensively also in terms of logistics, especially shipping and delivery from and to the customer. In the quality center of SGP Quality Lab we have the modern equipment which is hardly found anywhere else in Poland.

We use a modern x-ray device that allows for non-destructive examination of details as well as a modern 3D scanner, which enables us to recreate the nonexistent drawings by scanning the already existing details. Moreover, we recreate the injection molds, for which there are no drawings and many other possibilities, and our 3D printer can print a prototype before it enters the stage of serial production.

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SGP Quality Lab Team

Mariusz Puto

Piotr Gorgoń
Project Manager - Quality Lab & Warehouse

+48 577 640 677

Łukasz Ciechowski
Quality and Development Manager

+48 577 377 083

Zdjęcie Bartłomieja Szybeckiego

Bartłomiej Szybecki
Key Account Manager

+48 884 311 422

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    We are part of SGP Group Outsourcing Company

    #Thinking about quality

    We are a company, existing and providing services of the highest quality since 2006, which has gained trust of (hundreds of) customers and expanded its business to eleven European countries. Although we started from the Częstochowa market, we quickly started operating in other Polish cities, and soon afterwards also abroad. Such a significant development and the demand of the market led us to expand our offer, which resulted in the creation of other thriving companies such as: SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. z o.o., (Ltd.) Human & Hunter, SGP – Training and Consulting, Contact Solutions and SGP Media.

    Our company operates as a single, well-functioning organism, which allows its individual bodies to work seamlessly towards common goals. Thanks to this, our Clients who decide to cooperate with SGP Group may expect support not only in the field of external quality control, but also in the provision of temporary personnel, staff training, customer service and the sale of products or services through our call centre. We also focus our activity on continuous introduction of new services and more and more effective solutions which can improve our customer service.

    We are a company consciously acting for the benefit of society, which we feel a part of. We support numerous institutions, charity actions and social initiatives. Our goal is also to raise the qualifications of our staff to provide services at the highest world level. These activities have resulted in obtaining the Quality Management Certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

    We are constantly developing and are open to any suggestions and new experiences. Providing services with us is based on very close cooperation, listening to the needs of our customers and providing them with a service targeted to their individual needs.