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The problem of leaks in assembled hydraulic units



A customer approached SGP Quality Lab with a leakage problem in assembled hydraulic components. After analyzing his own manufacturing process, he could not find any cause lying on his side, so he asked us to help him solve the problem.

Our contribution

We proposed radiographic testing to confirm or eliminate the leakage problem due to component defects. We X-rayed a trial batch of the problematic parts. The result of the examination showed that one of the components contained significant porosity in its structure. We proposed a full X-ray inspection of the problematic component. During the inspection, we separated non-compliant pieces containing porosity from compliant, defect-free pieces.


Thanks to non-destructive testing of components proposed by SGP Quality Lab, it was possible to eliminate non-compliant parts from the process and avoid their further assembly. The serial inspection prevented incurring additional costs associated with unaware production of non-conforming parts, and consequently complaints from customers and other repercussions.


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