3D Scanning


3D scanning is a modern technology based on the collection by a 3D scanner of coordinates of points from the space of the examined detail.

In this way a cloud of points is created, which allows for more accurate quality control. By using special software it is possible to create a 3D model of the MESH detail.

Our software allows you to analyze the scan, check its dimensional and geometric correctness and find the occurring defects.

  • 3D surface scanning – taking a scan of the surface of the detail indicated by the customer and providing it in the chosen format.
  • Full 3D scanning – full 3D scan of the detail and delivery of the image in the selected format.
  • Analysis of the scanned product – full scan and comparison with the 2D drawing provided by the customer. The results are presented in the form of a measurement report.
  • Large-size scan – the scan of large-size parts, together with the creation of a MESH model. On the basis of the scan a comparative analysis is made with the provided CAD model of the element.
  • Quality control of the product – the full scan of the part and determination of its correctness based on comparison with the CAD model and 2D drawing. All results are collected in a clear, detailed measurement report.
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3D Scanner Application

The commissioning of a new injection mould at one of our customers necessitated the need to confirm the conformity of the parts produced using it.

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Used equipment

3D Scanner

Creaform's Handyscan 3D scanner allows to quickly scan objects for measurement purposes.

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