Rentgen SEC X-EYE 5100F

The SEC X-Eye 5100F is an advanced radiographic diagnostic system featuring micro-focus, a CMOS detector, a manipulator, and software for various industrial applications.

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CNC machine – DN VC 510

CNC Machine Tool - DN VC 510 is a modern and high-end CNC milling machine that provides advanced material processing capabilities.

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XCube X-Rays

The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection.

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Computer tomography (CT)

Computer tomography allows full visualization of the detail in 3D along with marking all searched defects of the detail.

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3D Scanner

Creaform's Handyscan 3D scanner allows to quickly scan objects for measurement purposes.

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druk 3d, sqp quality lab

FDM 3D Printer

F340 is an advanced FDM printing equipment, widely used in various industrial fields as a tool for making prototypes or tests, among others.

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