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Usage of visual comparator for customer’s problem solving



A new customer observed a problem while assembling a part with rivets used in the manufacturing process. The defined problem was not present on every piece assembled. The suspicious delivery was randomly verified by the quality department, which diagnosed a dimensional inconsistency of the examined components in the blocked batch. Wanting to quickly inspect a large batch of parts and isolate the nonconforming components he approached SGP Quality Lab. The best solution to this problem was digital analysis.

Projektor cyfrowy

Our role

We proposed a serial inspection on a measuring projector. Based on the information contained in the provided technical documentation we prepared a special program for the inspection on the projector. In order to make the process more efficient, we also printed a control tray on our 3D printer, which allowed for proper positioning of the tested elements. The batch delivered by the customer was subjected to the selection process, as a result of which non-compliant elements were quickly separated from compliant ones.


‘Advanced serial inspection on a measurement projector prevented defective parts from entering the manufacturing process because the pieces submitted to SGP Quality Lab were measured and only the correct ones went into production. Using a measurement projector for this purpose proved to be the fastest method to isolate nonconformities. None of the other methods available to us would provide such high efficiency, in such a short period of time’ – Customer


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