DR (Digital Radiology)


X-ray technology (digital radiography) is widely used to inspect manufactured parts. Using this method, the inside of the part can be viewed accurately without disturbing the parts.

With this method, one can carefully examine the interior of the detail, without disturbing its elements.

The image formed as a result of this examination is each time adjusted by using special filters, so as to emphasize and to extract as much as possible the problematic area of the detail. Any possible imperfections found during this screening can also be measured with high accuracy.

An unquestionable advantage of this method is the speed of inspection and the unambiguity of the results obtained.

Quality control in this form is the best non-invasive method allowing to check prototype, serial and post-complaint details.

  • Serial inspection – involves serial screening of a specific batch of products in the form of a 2D photo that reveals possible defects.
  • Complaint Inspection – is to prepare 2D photos of suspect components and take measurements along with a report, which may be the basis for the complaint to be accepted or rejected.
system RTG X|CUBE

The problem of leaks in assembled hydraulic units

A customer approached SGP Quality Lab with a leakage problem in assembled hydraulic components. After analyzing his own manufacturing process, he could not find any cause lying on his side, so he asked us to help him solve the problem.

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Used equipment

XCube X-Rays

The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection.

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