Computer Tomography (CT)


Computed tomography in industry facilitates the production of a 3D model of the component under study. The image shows both the external and internal areas of the component.

Industrial computed tomography –  is the process of creating a three-dimensional visualization of the detail on the basis of several thousand X-ray images. It is performed on industrial machines containing special software that allows the merging of images.

With the created 3D model, one can see the entire detail on the outside and inside, which is very helpful in porosity analysis, checking the correctness of assemblies, searching for gaps between internal details, detection and analysis of porosity in welds, solders and detects many other defects in the details.

By using professional software VGStudio, it is possible to inspect details with full analysis, reports, obtaining information on defects and details.

If we have an additional CAD model, with using a color grid we can present deviations of the examined detail from the assumptions of the drawing. It is also possible to perform a full dimensional analysis based on the technical drawing of the detail.

  • Generate a CT scan and send the raw files to the customer
  • CT Inspection – a full CT scan including marking of all defects sought in the part being inspected
  • CAD model creation – creation of a 3D CAD model of a specified detail on the basis of three-dimensional images taken during a CT scan.
  • 3D detail analysis – creation of 3D MESH model on the basis of a CT scan and comparison of the finished image with a CAD model provided by the customer.
  • Presenting the obtained results in the form of a report with pictures.

Computer tomography (CT)

Jeden z naszych stałych Klientów zauważył wyciek cieczy z przewodów aluminiowych.

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There is no detail that could not be put under inspection. We offer a high-class software, used for the visualisation and data analysis obtained from the computer tomography.

Used equipment

Computed tomography is a modern field of metrology and non-invasive testing performed using XCUBE X-ray.

XCube X-Rays

The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection.

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Stages of works

By using the computer tomography in order to examine the detail saves time and boasts effectiveness of production.

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