XCube X-Rays


The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection. It allows to inspect a detail made by any manufacturing technology in a variety of materials without mechanical interference.

Why this machine?

Non-destructive testing method

Quick inspection of product structures

Accurate measurement of any inconsistencies found

Inspects various materials up to 300 kg in weight and 600x900 mm in size

See the difference!

Model 2

Different machine

Model 1

Our machine


Large working cabin with 320 kV lamp
Resolution to meet the requirements of the automotive and aviation industries
Wide range of graphical display of results
High inspection capacity up to 1000 pcs/batch

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DR (Digital Radiology)

X-ray technology (digital radiography) is widely used to inspect manufactured parts. Using this method, the inside of the part can be viewed accurately without disturbing the parts. With this method, one can carefully examine the interior of the detail.

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Computer Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography in industry facilitates the production of a 3D model of the component under study. The image shows both the external and internal areas of the component.

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SGP Quality Lab

Complaint process

Complaint analysis enables comprehensive qualitative interpretation of the examined detail. It is supported by: computer tomography, modern DR technologies and 3D scanning.

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