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SGP Quality Lab was established in 2018. It perfectly fits into the changes caused by the Industry 4.0 concept. The modern machines and equipment we use support the design, quality and engineering processes. SGP Quality Lab deals with the analysis of parts and details according to the rules strictly established with the customer, post-complaint analysis, development and manufacture of measurement tools, development of documentation (drawings, material specifications), quality control, repair of parts and details, simple assembly, development and manufacture of prototypes in 3D printing, development of casting molds.

DR (Digital Radiology)

X-ray technology (digital radiography) is widely used to inspect manufactured parts. Using this method, the inside of the part can be viewed accurately without disturbing the parts. With this method, one can carefully examine the interior of the detail.

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Computer Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography in industry facilitates the production of a 3D model of the component under study. The image shows both the external and internal areas of the component.

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3D Scanning

3D scanning is a modern technology based on the collection by a 3D scanner of coordinates of points from the space of the examined detail.

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    XCube X-Rays

    The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection.

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    Computer tomography (CT)

    Computer tomography allows full visualization of the detail in 3D along with marking all searched defects of the detail.

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    3D Scanner

    Creaform's Handyscan 3D scanner allows to quickly scan objects for measurement purposes.

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    Oferta SGP Quality Lab

    Design and 3D modeling with detailing for any industry

    30 Aug 2021

    3D modeling, tooling design, construction solutions, rework - see what we can do for you.

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    Reasons to start SGP Quality Lab

    30 Aug 2021

    SGP Quality Lab, a modern quality assurance laboratory, was established within the Katowice Economic Zone in response to companies' needs for modern solutions in the field of quality control of parts and components.

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    system RTG X|CUBE

    X-rays technology and non-invasive inspection of details in automotive industry and others

    30 Aug 2021

    What is the non-invasive method of examining details made with the use of the GE Inspection Technologies X-ray system? Speed, quality and flexibility in action!

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