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Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting is an elastomer casting process that uses a vacuum to place a liquid material in a mold. Silicone molds and a wide range of resins we use allow us to simulate a variety of materials including PP and PC. We offer the possibility of making several pieces of a detail with repeatable dimensions and specific physical and chemical properties.

It is perfect for making short production series of a detail.


  • short production series of a detail
  • prototyping


  • chemoplastics that simulate standard production plastics

With the ability to use different materials, one can make the same detail in different materials. This can be an ideal solution for R&D departments that are looking for the perfect solution for their product.

The advantage of this method is time, as the finished parts can be obtained after 48 hours which is much faster than traditional injection molding. In this method is characterised by very high dimensional accuracy not deviating from the three dimensional model of the performed detail and repeatability to a few hundred pieces.

Stages of work:

  • To start work a model of the detail we want to make is required, preferably in .stl format,
  • On its basis a silicone mould which can be folded into minimum two parts will be prepared,
  • Together with the client we choose a material of interest, which will be used to make a detail,
  • In the last step we make details in a silicone mould.

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