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A technical drawing preparation

Our offer includes preparation of technical documentation, in accordance with current technical standards. On the basis of photos, sketches, 3D models and visualization we make:

3D Modelling

Basing on the knowledge of our design team, we offer the production of three-dimensional models based on the documentation provided by the customer.

Completed 3D models can be useful in further design work, visualization of finished products or serve as a basis for the implementation of products on CNC machine tools. It is also possible to serially produce details for the customer on the made form.

We offer:

Design of tooling and structural solutions and prototypes

We make complete tooling projects, for instance:

We offer you cooperation in designing new structural solutions or prototypes. We are able to cooperate in the implementation of projects for many industries and services.


Modification and repair of existing parts provided by you in accordance with instructions and technical documentation.

SGP Quality Lab, a modern quality assurance laboratory, was established within the Katowice Economic Zone in response to companies’ needs for modern solutions in the field of quality control of parts and components.

What is X-ray used for in serial quality control?

The DR 320kV radiographic inspection system is an industrial booth for real-time inspection. It allows inspection of a detail made by any manufacturing technology in a variety of materials without mechanical interference.

We offer an X-ray system of GE Inspection Technologies company, which provides inspection solutions based on the latest technology to ensure productivity, quality and safety.

Thanks to the X|CUBE system technology we can inspect parts on many levels, both semi-finished and finally assembled elements. We help to increase process efficiency in the automotive and metallurgical industries as well as in aviation and power industry. We offer solutions for many industries where there is a demand for quick and efficient radiographic inspection of castings made of steel, plastics, ceramics and special alloys. If you have a problem with the inspection of materials, details or failure analysis, we always offer our knowledge and many years of experience.

The X|CUBE X-ray system is also equipped with computed tomograph which allows us to find even the smallest defects in the detail.

Thanks to the large size of the working chamber we are able to select a large number of parts in a short period of time.

The use of our X-ray system X|CUBE allows us to achieve efficiency up to a thousand pieces per shift.

We invite you to cooperate with us.