3D Scanner


Creaform’s Handyscan 3D scanner allows to quickly scan objects for measurement purposes. It works based on laser technology, which also allows to scan processed surfaces. The device has high resolution and accuracy, so it creates accurate 3D MESH models.

Why this machine?

High accuracy (0,025 mm)

High repeatability of results regardless of disturbances

High accuracy classifies the instrument as a metrology scanner

See the difference!

Model 2

Different machine

Model 1

Our machine


Scanning dimansion range 0,05 – 4,00m
Measuring speed 1300000 pomiarów/s
Volumetric accuracy 0,02mm-0,04mm/m

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Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a process in which a 3D CAD model is created based on a 3D scan of an actual part or 2D engineering documentation.

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3D Scanning

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