Rentgen SEC X-EYE 5100F


The SEC X-Eye 5100F is an advanced X-ray system for non-invasive analyses and diagnostics. It features a micro-focus lamp, CMOS detector, multi-axis manipulator, and software with measurement functions and automatic learning capabilities. Adapted for various industrial applications, it ensures safety and ease of operation.

Why should you choose this device?

Non-Destructive Testing: Ideal for SMT semiconductors and electronic components.

Quality Control Automation.

High-Quality Imaging: Exceptional clarity at high magnification.

Flexibility and Advanced Operational Features.

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High-performance X-ray system for non-destructive analysis and diagnostics.
Enclosed micro-focus lamp 100kV and CMOS detector for clear images at high magnification.
Multi-Axis Control: Enables easy examination of objects at various magnifications.
Automatic Learning: Contributes to efficiency as a semi-automatic quality control system.
Intuitive Software: Includes measurement tools and a commenting option.
Micro-focus lamp 100~130kV and flat panel detector for optimal imaging.
100kV maximum voltage, 200uA current, 5um focal spot.
X-Ray Detector: Flat CMOS, maximum magnification of 130X.
4-Axis Manipulator: Desktop or mouse control, table size 340×460 mm.
Tools for determining “voiding” levels.

Associated Services

DR (Digital Radiology)

X-ray technology (digital radiography) is widely used to inspect manufactured parts. Using this method, the inside of the part can be viewed accurately without disturbing the parts. With this method, one can carefully examine the interior of the detail.

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Computer Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography in industry facilitates the production of a 3D model of the component under study. The image shows both the external and internal areas of the component.

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SGP Quality Lab

Complaint process

Complaint analysis enables comprehensive qualitative interpretation of the examined detail. It is supported by: computer tomography, modern DR technologies and 3D scanning.

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